fast terminal server

Today i’m get update Freshmeet on my RSS Feed Reader about NX fast terminal server and desktop and called Nomachine NX, now  i will be trying  on my Ubuntu Box
What Nomachine NX 

NoMachine NX is a fast terminal server and desktop virtualization system based on the X11 protocol. NX is an order of magnitude faster than VNC or X11 and can run on bandwidth as narrow as 10 kBit/sec. In addition, NX translates and embeds the MS Windows Terminal Server and VNC protocols into X/NX, enabling users to compress and accelerate remote Windows and VNC sessions. The NX project provides a suite of libraries and X11proxying agents implementing efficient compression and optimized transport of X11, SMB, IPP, HTTP, and arbitrary protocols like audio and video over the Internet.

Some Comment On FreshMeat:

NX is great – MUCH faster than VNC! But I do NOT recommend using FreeNX unless you want an exercise in frustration, or at least have access to the older client software (that, at least, seems to work, but not perfectly – in particular, I had font display issues when using FreeNX that I could not resolve, even after many hours of effort).

For those using Ubuntu or Kubuntu Linux, or who want to access their Linux box from a Windows machine using NX, you may find the instructions in this blog post useful:

NX with Win4Lin
I’ve Win4Lin ( on one of my computers at office. I installed NX server on the same computer and I can now run Windows from home, through dial-up. It works better than the native RDP support I tested on XP.


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